Clubs are welcome to attend as a group and by following several simple steps will able to set up their own area and small display

Please make sure you head into to the Hanging Rock precinct as a group - one after the other - its suggested that you form up some where like Woodend and travel across - there are limited gathering points once you exit the freeway as these are all country roads


When you get to the Display Entry Gate - and have paid and entered the Park - tell the first Marshal that you are a group - and ideally how many cars there are.

They will make sure you are kept together (as far as is practical).  You are still required to park in designated forms as we are limited by space 

If you have a club banner etc we are happy to see it erected along with a small display - being mindful that you need to leave access for other patrons needing to move around and access their cars.

Clubs need to be mindful that only cars that are 25 years old are able to enter the Display areas in the park 


Our club (MRADMC) does have a small award for the judged 'Best Club display' - like all awards for the event this is personal choice by the judges and is meant to be in keeping with the day being not competitive 

I want to show my car